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    Don't let common air conditioner problems leave you with a malfunctioning unit. Schneid-Aire is here to help diagnose & address your AC issues. Whether you're looking to maintain or replace your air conditioner, our skilled technicians possess the latest knowledge and technology to determine the right solution for you, your home and your budget.
    A little AC maintenance goes a long way. Taking proper care of your air conditioning can help prevent breakages, keep energy expenses down, and ensure your unit is working as effectively as possible. Schneid-Aire offers maintenance services and VIP packages that keep your HVAC system working as efficiently as possible. Contact us anytime to learn more about our value packages.
    Your AC system could be broken if... It starts making weird noises. It’s producing strange smells. It’s blowing warm air. Your energy bills have increased significantly despite normal usage.
    In many instances, air conditioners should be replaced prior to completely breaking down. As AC systems age, they’re prone to more problems, lose efficiency and can cause your utility bills to increase. In these instances, a new AC system is often the best route to take. We recommend AC replacement if... You’re renovating your home and want a newer system. Utility bills are unusually high. Your AC breaks down regularly or needs frequent services. You want an upgraded system with more advanced features and cost-saving technology.
    Home cooling comes in different shapes and sizes. You may choose to cool your home with any of the following installations: Central air conditioning Split-duct & mini-duct ACs Window unit air conditioners Wall unit air conditioners Air conditioning installation varies depending on the type of cooling unit selected. Keep in mind that... If you’re replacing an existing unit (of any kind) with the same type of AC, installation will likely require less reconfiguration. Central air conditioning units require ductwork. Ductless split AC systems are a great option for homes without existing ductwork. Adding any type of AC to your home will also help to reduce humidity levels. It’s important to select an air conditioner that is appropriate for your home. We will happily provide recommendations that fit your home’s needs.
    Ductless HVAC systems have 4 basic advantages over standard central air conditioners: Typically, ductless systems are more efficient. Because cool air is delivered immediately and does not travel through ducts, it maintains its desired temperature, in turn using less energy. Ductless systems offer the option for zone heating and cooling. The nature of ductless systems means that home or business owners can set the temperature for different rooms – up to four – while using the same ductless mini-split unit. Ductless systems are smaller and can be more attractive. Ductless mini-split systems typically take up less space on the exterior of your home and do not require ductwork for delivery. Ductless systems are often less expensive to maintain. Because they do not require ductwork, ductless mini-split systems are typically less expensive to maintain.
    A member from our team will analyze the scope of a proposed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning project to create a detailed estimate of the project's cost. The contractor will use this information to determine a load calculation, which tells the contractor the required size of HVAC equipment needed to properly heat or cool your home.
    Schneid-Aire offers emergency AC repair on Long Island, 24 hours a day. Schneid-aire is a locally owned and operated business that strives to keep you comfortable and cool at all hours of the day.


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